Black Olive Grills

Black Olive Grills combine the benefits of a charcoal grill with the speed and convenience of a gas grill. There are many perks to owning a Black Olive Grill, read the list below to read all of the benefits:

  • They are not affected by varying air intake conditions and do not require constant airflow adjustment.
  • They require no messy refuelling in the middle of a long “slow-cook session”, they just automatically add fuel from the hopper as needed.
  • They allow you to spend less time tending to your grill with the “Set It & Forget It” controls.
  • They are great for smoking, baking, roasting, grilling and searing.
  • Their patented burner system prevents flare-ups from destroying you food.
  • They use pellet fuel which is an efficient, renewable fuel source that is more environmentally friendly than charcoal. Pellets are available in many different natural flavours such as: hickory, apple, mesquite and many more.